Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap Part 1 : Introduction

A Proud Warrior and Skilled Politician

Maharana Pratap is a symbol of the struggle for the freedom of his birthplace. He was a skilled politician, an ideal organizer, and a great warrior ready to sacrifice everything for the freedom of his country. He accepted wandering in the forest for the protection of his culture and self-respect, but did not accept subordination in front of the Mughal emperor Akbar. Maharana Pratap is such a great hero of Indian history, on whose unique features not only Indian historians but also Western writers and poets have written. Pratap was proud of his homeland, a devotee of freedom, a firm resolve, and a brave Kshatriya. Emperor Akbar had applied all his intellectual power, financial strength, and physical strength, but could not bow down Pratap. Pratap’s vow was that the descendant of Bappa Rawal, leaving his guru, god, and his parents, would not bow his head in front of anyone. Pratap remained steadfast on his firm resolve throughout his life, it was considered impossible for him to address Akbar as ‘Emperor’, his belief was that “Akbar is a Turk and will always remain a Turk, Mughals first extend the hand of friendship with us then they cast their evil eye on the women of our house”, and we all also know that his thinking is absolutely correct. Maharana Pratap had made a prophecy in his life which turned out to be absolutely correct, it was that “our Hindu religion will remain as it is, our Bharatvarsha country will remain as it is, but one day will come when the name and sign of the Mughals will be erased from this holy land”.

Defiance Against the Mughal Emperor

The struggle that Pratap undertook for the protection of freedom in adverse circumstances cannot even be compared or imagined with the people born in royal families. Despite being the king of Mewar, most of Maharana’s life was spent wandering in forests and mountains, and he eventually succeeded in liberating Mewar with his indomitable willpower, extraordinary valor, and war skills.

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